Date(s) - 08/03/2021
12:00 am


Join CMA and Cannabis Certification Council Co-Founder Ben Gelt at 12:00pm MT on August 3.

Sustainability can be a daunting subject, it’s broad and hard to define – and consumers can’t get enough of it. This panel will discuss the dos and don’ts of marketing sustainability as part of your brand.

  • Start small (you don’t need to single-handedly save the world and don’t let perfect be the enemy of good)
  • Know what you’re doing well (strengths)
  • Know what you’re not doing well (weaknesses)
  • No detail is too small (knowing your operation will make you a better marketer and you never know what detail consumers may seize on)

Speaker Bio:

Ben Gelt is a seasoned businessperson and strategist. He co-founded the Cannabis Certification Council, a non-profit focused on sustainability and standards, and has led the group since 2014. Ben connects the many regulatory, business, and communications interests in the industry and is regarded as an expert on many cannabis issues. In addition to supporting his global mix of clients and businesses with executive-level strategic communications services and business development, Ben serves on the Denver Cannabis Industry Stakeholder Committee, the Colorado MED Sustainability, Science and Policy workgroup, chairs the Denver Cannabis Sustainability Working Group, was recently appointed to the Colorado Energy Office Cannabis Advisory Committee, is a member of the Cannabis Council of Canada Sustainability Caucus, Chairs the Sustainability Committee for the New Jersey Cannabusiness Association and has served on the State of Colorado Pesticide Stakeholder Committee.

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