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GetCannaFacts empowers cannabis marketers to educate, inform, engage, and attract new — often underserved — cannabis consumers. CMA members get exclusive access. Subscribe today!

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empower your cannabis journey with facts, not myths

At the core of GetCannaFacts is a commitment to fostering responsible growth in the cannabis industry. by arming cannabis brands and retailers with actionable strategies and research-based insights, we aim to drive positive change, combat stigma, and support policy reform.

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What We Offer

GetCannaFacts equips you with everything you need to engage, inform, and attract a diverse range of consumers, from the canna-curious to the canna-confident. Our comprehensive repository includes: 


  • Research & Analytics: Stay ahead of the curve with up-to-date data and industry trends. 


  • Regulatory Guidance: Navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis regulations with confidence. 


  • Responsible Marketing Practices: Promote safe and informed cannabis consumption while combatting misinformation. 

Featured Content

Explore our curated articles designed to elevate your marketing efforts:

  • Responsible Cannabis Consumption: Empower your audience with tips for safe and mindful cannabis use. 


  • User-Generated Content Strategies: Harness the power of community engagement to drive brand success. 

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