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A Forward-thinking, Programmatic Advertising Agency

Our Purpose: To transform programmatic advertising through innovation, data-driven analysis, and transparent, long-term relationships that go beyond the metrics.

Most advertising agencies offer every digital solution under the sun, but how confident can you be with an agency that lacks a clear specialization? At PrograMetrix, we are “The Programmatic Experts.” We focus on what we’re great at and leverage our expertise to deliver what our clients’ value most; better programmatic strategy, efficient campaign execution, and a higher ROI.

We come to work every day to help brand marketers and ad agencies improve their advertising performance using innovative technology across Display, Mobile, Video, Connected TV, Native, Digital Audio, Social, and Paid Search advertising channels.

Our founders grew up in ad tech, scaling an early stage demand-side platform technology company in Seattle through its acquisition, and then leading sales and marketing for a holding group media agency in New York. We grew tired of the ad tech business model that was solely focused on acquiring new accounts, but not focused enough on providing quality service and transparent solutions for advertisers. We grew skeptical of ad agencies who outsourced campaign management to ad tech providers because they lacked proficiency in programmatic. From these experiences, PrograMetrix was formed to combine our ad tech expertise with unrivaled service and organizational efficiency to deliver better results for our clients.

We have a passion for educating our clients, instill trust through transparent partnerships, and exhibit a forward-thinking work culture that makes for a unique agency experience. We’re fearless enough to conquer any advertising challenge and we’ll always deliver on our promise to offer the level of service you deserve. We make programmatic advertising a whole lot easier and have a lot of fun helping our clients grow by achieving their business objectives.