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About Us

Our Mission

To bring a positive perception to, and authentic understanding of, cannabis and its consumers around the world.

CMA does this by supporting the professional growth of cannabis communications professionals by providing industry education, cultivating community, and establishing best practices.

About the Cannabis Marketing Association

Cannabis Marketing Association was founded in 2016 by cannabis marketing executive Lisa Buffo in response to the unprecedented challenges cannabis communications professionals were experiencing.

Industry marketers were unable to use traditional marketing tactics and technology such as paid advertising, social media, or digital outlets.

This reality, coupled with unclear regulations across fragmented markets and a pervasive perception problem, left cannabis marketers with the task of rebranding cannabis as the then-nascent industry was rapidly growing.

Cannabis Marketing Association was established to bring the cannabis marketing community together so that best practices could be shared through our collective knowledge.

Today, CMA seeks to formally establish these best practices and further elevate the discussion about the modern brand of legal cannabis.

Our Core Values

At Cannabis Marketing Association we recognize the power that marketing has and how it can shape public image. We hold ourselves, as well as our members, to the highest of marketing standards and welcome all to incorporate these shared values into their work.


  • Be truthful in all situations at all times
  • Create products & communications with the utmost integrity
  • Practice accountability in good faith for stated and implied commitments


  • Create representative campaigns inclusive of all genders, races, religions, & cultures
  • Honor the history and culture of cannabis past, present, and future
  • Strive to unite through our human commonalities and shared joy

Sustainable Growth

  • Nurture professional growth of cannabis employees from the bottom up
  • Build inclusive and authentic organizations to create an evolving cannabis industry
  • Engage in sustainable business practices that prioritize the environment

Our Team

CMA’s leadership team is made up of deeply knowledgeable industry professionals with over 20 years combined experience. We started in the early days, before the adult-use market, and have cut our teeth in advocacy, retail, cultivation, manufacturing, licensing, wholesale, and marketing.

Lisa Buffo

Lisa Buffo

Founder & CEO

Emily Wells

Emily Wells

Membership Manager

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