Cannabis Marketing Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about Cannabis Marketing Association? Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions we typically receive from our members and prospects.

What is the Cannabis Marketing Association?

Cannabis Marketing Association is an industry trade group that supports professional and creative growth by providing career resources, education-based events and networking opportunities.

What is the mission of the Cannabis Marketing Association?

To bring a positive perception to, and authentic understanding of, cannabis and its consumers around the world. CMA does this by supporting the professional growth of cannabis communications professionals by providing industry education, cultivating community, and establishing best practices.

I am a marketing professional who works in the cannabis industry. How does your membership help me?

CMA Individual Members have access to CMA local events included in your membership where you can connect with other industry professionals. The CMA Members-Only Portal also includes videos and a content library that will help enhance your cannabis marketing knowledge.

What is the CMA Members-Only Digital Content Network?

An online portal of content that will enhance your cannabis marketing knowledge. It includes videos from CMA events and other digital content from the CMA network. The CMA Members-Only Portal also includes videos and a content library that will help enhance your cannabis marketing knowledge.

Can the Cannabis Marketing Association help me get a job in the industry?

CMA does not have a job board but you are welcome to connect with other members through the network.

Do you accept original content submissions for the CMA Blog and member content portal?

Yes, please fill out the Content Submission Form.

How can I start a local CMA chapter in my city?

If you would like to see CMA come to your city, please fill out this Chapter Interest Form. CMA considers all new chapter and event requests based specific criteria and demand.

How do I sponsor a CMA event?

Every CMA event is an opportunity to get involved. For more information, please get in touch via the Sponsorship Request Form.

How do I become a member of CMA?

Our membership page, here!

I am a business looking for marketing help. Can CMA help me?

CMA is an industry trade group, not a marketing agency. We do not offer marketing services but many of our members do.

I am a member of CMA. How do I access the members only content?

Login to your Account here to access CMA Members-Only Digital Content Network.

How can I engage with other CMA members?

Through local CMA meetings or online through the CMA Members-Only Digital Content Network.

Are my membership dues tax deductible?

Unfortunately, CMA membership dues are not tax deductible donations, but may be deductible as business expenses. In either case, always consult your accounting professional for advice.

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