Cannabis Marketing Association Seven Awards

Launched in 2023, Cannabis Marketing Association’s Seven Awards aim to highlight and uplift successful marketing campaigns that are advancing the image of cannabis within the regulated industry through 20 unique award categories and raise the bar for the industry’s communications professionals.

Successful advertising in cannabis is a mix of luck and strategy. The rule of seven states that marketers must have at least seven touch points with their target customers to make an impression. It also happens to be the number of luck and the number of points on a cannabis leaf.

The Awards Show will be held at the 2023 Cannabis Marketing Summit on June 23rd in Denver, Colorado.

Applications close on June 9. 


With 20 open categories, marketers have multiple opportunities to highlight their work.


Entries first appearing publicly between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022 are eligible.

Entry Fees

$200 per application, per category. Scroll to learn more about CMA Member discounts.

How The Sevens Work

The Seven Awards’ jury of CMA Members with decades of advertising knowledge and experience will judge applications on two simple premises:

  • Was the work a successful marketing initiative?
  • Did it advance the image of the cannabis plant?

As part of the entry, entrants must demonstrate the works ability to achieve marketing success through commonly accepted marketing best practices including: 

  • Identifying and engaging the right target audience
  • Creating a clear and compelling message
  • Measuring results

20 categories are open for application, and three award winners will be hand-selected by CMA staff and jury, recognizing individuals doing exceptional work within the cannabis industry.


Entries first appearing publicly between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022, are eligible for submission. All entries must be for marketing campaigns or initiatives related to the legal cannabis industry.

Entries must be submitted by the original creator of the campaign or initiative, or by a representative with permission to enter on their behalf. All entries must represent operators or ancillary service providers working within the regulated cannabis industry.

Entries must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations related to the promotion of cannabis products in the jurisdiction(s) in which the marketing campaigns or initiatives were run.

An entry is considered one application, per category.

You may enter the same work into multiple categories, but each category is a separate application fee. 


Entry Fees

Applications are open only to CMA Members through May 22 and open to the public thereafter. Applications close May 31 and judging begins June 2.

Non-profit organizations and social equity entrants may submit this form to be considered to receive a discounted entry fee ($99 non-members).

CMA Members, you must be logged into the Member Portal to purchase an entry. 

CMA Business Members

FREE first application, $30 second application, $200 all additional applications

CMA Individual Members

$30 first application, $200 all additional applications

Non-CMA Members

$200 per application, per category

Opens on May 22

Awards Ceremony


The Sevens Awards Ceremony will be held at 2023 Cannabis Marketing Summit.

You must have a ticket to the Cannabis Marketing Summit to attend the Sevens Award Show.

Cannabis Marketing Summit:
June 21 – 23 at the Hilton Denver City Center.

Sevens Show: Friday, June 23rd at 12:00 pm in the Expo Hall

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Our Judging Process

Jurors will review all entries in each category. There will be one winner and one honorable mention per category.

Jurors will evaluate:


Does the campaign advance the image the cannabis plant?


Does the work move the cannabis industry forward? 


Was the work a successful marketing initiative? 


Did the work create a positive ROI for the business? 

Meet Our Jury

Meet the Seven Awards’ jury of CMA Members with decades of advertising knowledge and experience:

Jarell Wall

Jarell Wall is the Co-Founder, Creative Director, and CEO of licensed pre-roll manufacturer, Gentleman Quinns Blunt Co., in Denver, CO. Since 2015, he has taken the DIY approach in establishing the hand-rolled specific GQ brand and becoming a figure in the development of the robust pre-roll market. From navigating Colorado’s complex compliance and licensing to creating unique marketing strategies, Gentleman Quinns keeps it all in-house.
Hailing from Indiana, Jarell spent his initial career in television and tech as a content producer, published photographer, designer, and sound engineer. These skills along with his slim but experienced team have created one of the most recognizable, quality-first-based boutique product lines in Colorado’s excessively crowded marketplace.

Michele Ringelberg

Michele Ringelberg is a woman-owned business owner specializing in cannabis marketing with over 25 years of experience in visual communication, marketing, and leadership. Michele has proven to communicate with cannabis business owners and senior executives by consulting on marketing strategy to help generate real results. In addition, Michele has received recognition in nationwide marketing competitions where she demonstrated her marketing campaigns and results in technology, thus achieving the title of Marketing Genius of the year for her creativity, passion, and ability to get people excited about marketing with proven results and increased revenue.

Erin Roche

With almost 25 years as a marketing and communications consultant and practitioner, Erin leads Candy & Flowers, an award-winning, strategic communications and marketing consulting firm for disruptive brands. With a focus on the regulated cannabis and psychedelics markets, Candy & Flowers works with clients to build brands and protect their reputation while educating and influencing audiences about the products, services and issues leading to the growth, normalization, and future of these industries. The firm’s goal is to successfully tell brand stories to consumer, investor, influencer and B2B audiences through informative content, engagement and experiences, that help shape trends and culture.

Wesley Williams

Wesley is an alumnus of Wharton School of Business and holds a JD from Case Western Reserve University’s law school. He previously worked as an executive for a vertically-integrated medical cannabis company and as a cannabis strategy and operations consultant. Prior to entering into the cannabis industry, he spent 10+ years in the corporate financial services and energy sectors where he held senior-level roles in legal operations, marketing, strategic planning, and human resources. Wesley is the CEO of KND Infusions, Inc., a functional infused edibles company based in Los Angeles. In 2023, KND launched Kinetik Nanobites for Calm +Focus, a functional gummy with a low-dose of cannabinoids combined with vitamins, adaptogens, and nootropics. He is a member of the Minority Cannabis Business Association, the Cannabis Marketing Association and the Institute of Food Technologists.

Jacob Roland

Jacob Roland, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Loud Labs, deeply understands the
power of emotion and connection and its impacts on revenue. He holds degrees in both Dance and Marketing where he found synergies between the two fields. Jacob has used this unique lens to drive sales and customer acquisition in industries ranging from luxury athletic apparel to CPG and everything in between.
From an early age Jacob showed a passion for justice and civic engagement. This combination led him to get involved with the drug policy reform movement. He held leadership positions in NORML at UC Santa Barbara during college, followed by professional experience at Students
for Sensible Drug Policy in Washington, DC, both organizations that set the stage for the future
cannabis industry. With years of experience outside of cannabis and a deep understanding of the policy landscape, Jacob is committed to elevating and innovating the industry.

Daniel Stein

Self-proclaimed “stagna-phobe” Daniel Stein says he’s terrified of standing still, which explains his position at the helm of a company behind innovative, integrated brand campaigns seen by billions of consumers. When Stein co-founded the agency 11 years ago, he named it Evolution Bureau because doing so “gives us permission to change” – and acknowledges that the ways in which people connect, relate and find meaning in the world always are shifting.

Before EVB, Stein worked in all four industries that constitute the pillars of the agency: public relations, advertising, entertainment and technology. At Time Warner Interactive, he helped create CD-ROMs for that company’s properties at a time when that technology was seen as groundbreaking. At Saatchi & Saatchi, Stein managed a variety of needs for Hewlett-Packard. As an executive producer for Anderson & Lembke, he worked on ideas for Microsoft that laid the groundwork for online advertising. The reputation Stein garnered from his work led to his meeting and working with Francis Ford Coppola for American Zootrope, for which he served as virtual studio producer.


Categories Open for Entry

20 categories are open for application. Three award winners will be hand-selected by CMA staff and jury, recognizing individuals doing exceptional work within the cannabis industry.

Best use of package design

Entries in this category include packaging for ancillary and licensed products.

Best use of print advertising

Entries in this category include newspapers, magazines, and journals.

Best use of programmatic advertising

Entries in this category include automated technology for media buying and their campaigns.

Best live event marketing and sponsorship

Entries in this category include experiential marketing of a brand, service, or product through memorable experiences or promotional events.

Best use of media

Entries in this category include omnichannel strategy, web design, and more

Best website

Entries in this category include brand, product, service, or corporate website.  

Best use of apparel

Entries in this category include clothing.

Best retail experience

Entries in this category include how retailers interact with and engage customers in-store.

Best use of PR

Entries in this category include public relations campaigns and crisis communications.

Best use of video

Entries in this category include broadcast or web-based videos. 

Best guerilla marketing

Entries in this category include unconventional or surprise interactions to drive brand awareness and publicity.

Best new product design

Entries in this category include the process of imagining, creating, and iterating products that meet consumer needs.

Best use of social media by a brand

Entries in this category include paid and organic social media and influencer marketing. Accepted social media platforms include but are not limited to: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, and BeReal.

Best brand identity package

Entries in this category include assets that establish uniformity for your brand (brand guidelines and books).

Best overall campaign

Entries in this category include full campaigns that utilize different types of media, such as television, radio, print, and online platforms. Campaigns are not solely reliant on advertising and can include demonstrations, video conferencing, and other interactive techniques.

Best in show

Entries in this category include superior products and services.

Best use of outdoor advertising

Entries in this category include OOH advertising: billboards, wallscapes, flyers, and posters.

Best use of mobile marketing

Entries in this category include multi-channel online marketing techniques focused at reaching consumers on their smartphones, tablets, or any other related devices through websites, e-mail, SMS and MMS, social media, or mobile applications.

Best tradeshow marketing

Entries in this category include tradeshow booths, showcases, and demonstrations of products and services.

Most innovative product or design

Entries in this category include changes that improve design, materials, feel, look, capacity, functionality, and overall user experience. Improvements can be tangible, such as a physical product, or intangible, like software or services.

2023 Winners

Best Brand Identity Package

PufCreativ for their work with Gentlemen Smugglers

Best brand identity package honorable mention


best live event marketing and sponsorship

Clio Cannabis

best overall campaign

Veritas, for their 4th annual ski and snowboard giveaway

best overall campaign honorable mention

Social Cannabis, for their Be.Social Community engagement

Best Website

PufCreativ, for their work with Rebel Spirit

Best website honorable mention

DopeSEO, for their work with LV Chamber of Cannabis

best packaging design

Escape Artists

best packaging design honorable mention

Malek’s Premium Cannabis

best retail experience

Budder Creative, for their Budder Groove System


Durée & Company, for their Cannabist WV launch

most innovative product or design


most innovative product or design honorable mention

Budder Creative, for their Budder Groove System

BEST use of programmatic honorable mention

The Clear

Best new product design HONORABLE MEnTION


Best Use of apparel

Higher Promos, for their Green Mart safety vests

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Quick Answers

Can I apply to more than one category?

Yes! You will need to purchase one entry for each category.

Can I submit the same entry to multiple categories?

Duplicating submissions across multiple categories is accepted, just ensure you are speaking to the appropriate category.

Which categories should I enter?

Entrants should submit to the categories they can most adequately show successful marketing that advances the image of cannabis within the regulated industry. View the Seven Awards’ categories section above to gain a better understanding of what each category entails.

What materials do I need to submit to ensure my entry is complete?

Entrants may submit as few or as many supporting materials with their applications to ensure they’re articulating their case effectively.

How are the awards judged?

The Seven Awards judging process is comprised of an independent juror evaluation period and a closed jury voting round.

How is judging kept fair?

Jurors may not review their own applications, those of their clients, or those of their direct competitors.

What happens after I submit my entry?

You will receive a confirmation email confirming your submission and will hear from CMA staff in mid-June if your entry has won. Application status updates cannot be provided until winners are selected.

When will winners be announced?

Winners will be announced and celebrated at the Cannabis Marketing Summit in Denver, Colorado, June 21-23. The Awards Show with winning announcements will happen Friday, June 23 at 12:00 pm MT.

Additional Questions?

Email us at:

[email protected]