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Higher Grade

We are a 18+ Medical Cannabis dispensary dedicated to providing premium cannabis with exceptional customer service. We named our business Higher Grade because we provide exactly that. At Higher Grade everything starts with our award winning flower. All of cannabis is soil grown, using only safe, non-harmful ingredients. All trimming is done by hand to ensure our patients receive the highest quality buds. From our small batch grow rooms, our cannabis is then cured for no less than 3 weeks. This ensures it reaches our patients at its highest peak.

We then handpick only the best cannabis buds for our stores. The bud that does not make it into our jars is processed into extracts by the industry leader, Olio, or rolled into pre-rolls. At Higher Grade, even the rolls are of the highest quality!

As soon as you step foot into our doors, you can feel the difference from Recreational/Medical combination stores. Our knowledgeable associates will greet you with a smile and take care of all your needs. Stop in today for first time patient deals, and Taste the Difference!