Date(s) - 04/14/2020
12:00 am


Advertising, ecommerce and Covid: 2020 best practices that are sales friendly and context sensitive

Get in the weeds with us on effective ways to make use of ecommerce during the times of quarantine, no matter what sector of the cannabis industry you are in.

Strike the right mix of signals for your brand during tough times: be sensitive to human emotion and also understand what part your brand can play in being a source of comfort and positive solutions when needed most.

Review data on what top mainstream eCommerce brands are doing with advertising budgets, campaigns and promo strategy, applicable to your hemp, CBD, canna or ancillary business.

See how business to business transactions in the industry supply chain can also make the move to eCommerce, both for business growth and relevant social distancing guidelines.

Where are brands in various markets spending their advertising dollars now, versus pre-COVID?

Using new business models to support your staff, customers and local communities.

All actionable advice courtesy a CMA member who’s been advertising for ecommerce successfully for over 23 years.

Scott Rabinowitz, CEO , Buoyancy Digital

Scott Rabinowitz has spent the past 23 years managing media buys & online ad spend in keyword based SEM advertising (paid search), mobile, video and display ads, along with marketing compliance planning and digital media strategy for age restricted industries, including cannabis. He is IAB DMSC, Google AdWords and BingAds accredited, serves as Digital Media Advisor for online youth safety firm ResponsiTech & has studied the traffic impact of more than a billion keywords. Having spent more than $300 million on search engine ads and display media for clients over time, his focus is on expanding the range of cannabis-friendly digital advertising options in every jurisdiction for brands throughout the industry.