Date(s) - 05/14/2020
12:00 am


Leveraging Content Writing to Maximize Your Marketing

Content writing is taking center stage in many marketing campaigns, particularly in cannabis where consumer education is of utmost importance. How can you use content writing as a base for your campaigns?

In this webinar, Stella will:

  • Review written content’s evolving purpose in marketing campaigns
  • Discuss why and how written content impacts every part of a campaign
  • Walk through examples of how to anchor a campaign in written content

Stella Morrison is an award-winning former journalist turned content professional with specialties in brand voice development, thought leadership development, content creation strategy, and the intersection of content and SEO. Her content-first approach places the writing quality front and center, positioning the strength of the message as the driving force behind any strategy. She currently operates CannaContent, an East Coast-based firm focused on emerging cannabis, CBD and hemp markets.