Date(s) - 06/07/2021
12:00 am


Join CMA and Marijuana Matters on June 7 at 12pm MT for this social equity awareness training.

The goal of this training is to provide companies with an understanding of what inequities within the cannabis industry most need to be addressed in order to repair the harm done from the war on drugs. This training is modeled after Marijuana Matters. Social Equity Toolkit which applies a good, better, best framework on how cannabis businesses can strive toward achieving equity internally, and externally support equity-seeking groups. We believe that the cannabis industry working in alignment with and dedicating important resources and expertise to communities over the long term will begin to achieve the outcomes of a social equity framework.

Topics covered include:

● A brief history of the war on drugs and collateral consequences

● Benefits of incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion into core business plan

● Social justice efforts

● Diverse talent/partnerships

● Community education and stakeholder engagement

● Targeted social equity language

● Employee resource groups

Desired Outcomes

● Increased awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a measurable goal

● Fundamental understanding of a social equity framework

● Microsteps your company can take to expand the cannabis social equity ecosystem