Cannabis Marketing Association

Social Equity Program

CMA launched a social equity program in an effort to bring equity to the cannabis industry. The federally-supported war on drugs adversely affects the BIPOC community creating barriers to entry into the cannabis industry for impacted entrepreneurs and professionals. CMA has partnered with three non-profit organizations — Cannabis Impact FundMarijuana Matters, and Minority Cannabis Business Association — that align with our core values of inclusivity, authenticity, and sustainable growth and to bring our resources to these individuals and businesses. The value per partnership is approximately $10,000, and provides recipients with access to CMA events, resources, and membership benefits. We will be maintaining close contact with our non-profit partners and will provide hands-on support to each organization as needed.

It is mission-critical to level the playing field for BIPOC owners and professionals who have historically faced disparate challenges, and through this initiative, CMA acknowledges the damage that has been done. Educating people about the history of cannabis and our industry is part of our mission. Like everyone else, we are still evolving and learning. This is just the beginning of our plan to bring equity to the cannabis industry and the world at large. We hope that through our equity program, we can help lead others a step closer to success and light the way to a fair, inclusive, and positive industry future.  If you or someone you know is a good fit for CMA’s Social Equity Program, please email [email protected].