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Cannabis Marketing Summit 2021 Recap Videos


View Videos from our Virtual Cannabis Marketing Summit

The Cannabis Marketing Summit is the premier online event for senior level marketers responsible for the marketing budgets of licensed brands in the cannabis industry.

The goal of the Summit is to evaluate the current state of cannabis marketing and learn about the practical tools, tactics, and data that produce effective strategies and campaigns for cannabis brands across the country.

This event is for marketing leadership — CEOs, CMOs, VPs of Marketing, Directors of Marketing, and senior level marketing professionals who work in-house or on the agency side for licensed cannabis companies. All are welcome.

3 Days of Videos with Topics including:

  • Marketing Across State Lines: How to Effectively Market Cannabis in a Heavily Regulated Landscape
  • Advertising Cannabis on Mainstream Media: What Brands Need to Know About Doing it Safely and Effectively
  • Building and Leading Creative Teams: Diversity and Compassion as a Gateway to Creativity
  • Cookies and IDFA Regulations: What Cannabis Marketers Need to Know Now
  • 7 Tips for Infusing Your B2B Cannabis Marketing with Diversity
  • We Don’t Bite: The New Cannabis Influencer
  • Competitive Advantage Through Chemical Differentiation: Translating the Scientific Explanation to the Marketing Message
  • I Was Told There’d Be No Math: Examining Brand Loyalty Measures
  • Acquisition Workshop: Evaluating a Cannabis Brand

Cannabis Marketing Strategies

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Cookies and IDFA Regulations