Date(s) - 06/26/2019
12:00 am


Get under the hood with us on the art and science of selecting keywords for the marketing of cannabis brands online.

Spend an hour in this webinar with us and you will take away the following actionable advice from a CMA member who’s been doing this work successfully for over 22 years:

Who… owns the responsibility for the data driven research, selection and applied use of keywords within an organization, whether a brand or an agency?

What…all will you will be able to use keywords for? Many of the top tier channels of traffic to generate new leads, customers and sales, from SEO, SEM, select display advertising, & hashtag selection for social media

Where…do you source the best possible keywords for use, once you have a strategy & defined objectives? Do you solely trust the keyword data from one source, even a reputable one or do you pull from many? What keyword sources, paid or free are the gold standards and actually include data on cannabis related terms & phrases?

When…should you do your initial keyword research, in support of a new brand, product debut or campaign? How often should you update & refresh your available keyword data & data sources to inform your judgement?

the almighty Why..context is everything!! We will explain from both a sales and marketing view as well as cannabis industry specific compliance view on why you should or shouldn’t select certain types of keywords, based upon specific scenarios for cannabis industry brands online.

Scott Rabinowitz has spent the past 22 years specializing in keyword based SEM advertising (paid search), marketing compliance planning and digital media for age restricted industries, including cannabis. He is Google AdWords and BingAds accredited, serves as Digital Media Advisor for online youth safety firm ResponsiTech & has studied the traffic impact of more than a billion keywords. Having spent more than $300 million on search engine ads and display media for clients over time, his focus is on expanding the range of cannabis-friendly digital advertising options in every jurisdiction for brands throughout the industry.