Date(s) - 03/23/2021
12:00 am


Join CMA and Headset on Tuesday, March 23 at 12:00 pm MT.

Join CMA and Headset on Tuesday, March 23 at 12:00 pm MT to learn how to prepare a focused strategy for 4/20/21.

We’ll look back at what happened last year on 4/20 to uncover insights you can use to inform this year’s strategy + walk through recent shifts in consumer shopping habits so your store is planning for today’s customers. Restrictions on in-person gatherings lead to a very different 4/20 in 2020. Store owners and brands could not rely on in-person events at retail stores to drive awareness and entice customers to visit stores. Last year store owners relied on deep discounts to drive sales as there was little time to plan for changes with the outbreak of covid-19 being so new. This year retailers and brands have plenty of time to plan and we plan to talk through strategies stores can use to maximize their sales on the biggest shopping day of the year. We hope stores are prepared for:

  • 4/20 sales that begin in the 3-4 days leading up to 4/20 as restrictions for retail occupancy will likely reduce their abilities to fulfill orders day of
  • Leaning more heavily on online marketing campaigns and leveraging on any existing customer loyalty programs or communication tools to drive awareness
  • Carefully considering how to discount their products to drive sales without giving away margins and be prepared for.

Speaker Bios

Liz Connors is the Director of Analytics at Headset, a cannabis data intelligence company. At Headset Liz and her team are responsible for everything from creating SKU level, realtime market forecasts of Adult Use cannabis sales across the US and Canada to the creation of dashboards for our Retailer product. In addition, Liz and her team write Industry Reports and run webinars working to increase data literacy across the cannabis space. Instead of sending over just a PDF of numbers and graphs, Liz’s team provides users with cutting edge insights via user-friendly dashboards that allow you to get the data you need quickly.

Prior to working for Headset, Liz worked as a Data Scientist in CPG retail and financial services, as well as spent some time in Financial and Economic Consulting. After eight years working as a Data Scientist, Liz started her own Data Science consulting business where she advised small businesses on how to use their data to make better product, marketing, and operational decisions. Along with her work at Headset, Liz currently works with researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and London Business School doing experimental research on heuristics and biases that impede business decision makers from optimally using data to drive decisions.

Nick Elam is the Director of Marketing at Headset and has proven success building robust marketing programs and effective branding strategies that drive measurable brand awareness and product adoption for both B2B and B2C focused brands in the tech, cannabis, housing, outdoor and retail spaces.

Nick has earned his success through high-impact campaigns and programs built through innovative ideas, strategic messaging and an honest effort to approach all ideas and people with respect and integrity.