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What is Party Like a Marketer?

Party Like a Marketer is CMA’s podcast series dedicated to in-depth conversations with cannabis marketers who are using effective strategies to grow their businesses. Tune in to gain insights from CMA members on how to improve your marketing ROI.

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Episode 23: Innovation and Sustainability in Cannabis Packaging

Episode 23: Innovation and Sustainability in Cannabis Packaging

Episode 22: Opportunities for Cannabis Marketers for Paid Advertising

Episode 22: Opportunities for Cannabis Marketers for Paid Advertising

Episode 21: The Benefits of Creativity in Cannabis Marketing

Episode 21: The Benefits of Creativity in Cannabis Marketing

Episode 20: Using Brand Voice as a Tool To Guide The Growth of Your Cannabis Brand

Episode 19: Applying Technology to Help Develop Your Cannabis Brand

Episode 18: Drawing on Various Data Points to Promote The Growth of Cannabis Brands

Episode 17: Show Up in Search Engines: SEO’s Impact on Brand Visibility and Accessibility

Episode 16: Marketing Through The Numbers: Using Data to Reach Consumers

Episode 15: Maximizing SEO Strategies to Expand Your Cannabis Brand

Episode 14: Leveraging Your Cannabis Brand With Online Media

Episode 13: Brand-Building Strategies for Cannabis Marketers

Episode 12: From Life Without Parole to Establishing a Mission-Specific Brand

Meet The Host

Lisa Buffo

Lisa Buffo

Founder and CEO, Cannabis Marketing Association

Lisa Buffo is an award-winning entrepreneur and marketer with a passion for launching companies with experience in both the cannabis and technology industries. Lisa is the Founder & CEO of the Cannabis Marketing Association, a membership based organization focused on education and best practices for industry marketers with the vision of rebranding cannabis at the national level. She was named one of 2019’s 40 Under 40 Rising Stars in Cannabis by Marijuana Venture Magazine in 2019 and named “The Marketing Guru” by Women & Weed magazine and is a featured speaker and media source in publications like Forbes, The Guardian, and VICE.

Instagram: @libuff
Twitter: @libuff21

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to be a guest on Party Like A Marketer?

All of our guests are CMA members. Joining Party Like A Marketer as a guest is a benefit within our business membership plan. 

What is Party Like A Marketer about?

Party Like A Marketer highlights conversations with professionals in the cannabis space. This podcast is dedicated to cannabis marketing, cannabis public relations, and authentic storytelling. Our mission is to continue to break down the stigma surrounding cannabis and discuss best practices for cannabis marketing.

I'm not a cannabis professional, can I still listen to Party Like A Marketer?

Absolutely! While our podcast focuses on best practices for cannabis marketing, each guest is unique in their own ways and have their own stories to tell. We highly encourage you to take the time to listen to the episodes and learn about the cannabis industry and those who shape it into what it is.

Where can I listen to Party Like A Marketer?

Episodes are available across various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, YouTube, Pandora, Amazon Music, and so many others!

I prefer to watch podcasts. Is this option available for Party Like A Marketer listeners?

Every episode is uploaded to YouTube and available for those who prefer to watch podcasts rather than listen to them!

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