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Celebrating 4/20: Showcasing Community Innovation and Success

by | May 16, 2024 | Blog

Celebrating 4/20: Showcasing Community Innovation and Success


As we reflect on this year’s 4/20, it’s clear that the cannabis marketing community has not only embraced the holiday but has also elevated its significance through innovative and impactful campaigns.

This year, we reached out to our members to learn more about their unique 4/20 activations and campaigns. The response we received from our fellow marketers highlights the creativity and dedication that define our industry. One notable contribution came from Durée & Company, a public relations and marketing agency with a specialized practice for cannabis brands. Here’s a closer look at their dynamic efforts and achievements this 4/20.

Durée & Company’s 4/20 Strategy and Successes

The team at Durée & Company understands the importance of 4/20 in the cannabis industry. With years of experience providing exceptional public relations and marketing services, they crafted a comprehensive strategy to maximize the potential of this significant day. Their approach was multifaceted, focusing on providing valuable insights, securing media coverage, and participating in industry events.



Educational Content and Campaign Promotion

In the lead-up to 4/20, Durée & Company shared a blog featuring seven tips on how companies can leverage 4/20 with PR. This blog aimed to provide actionable advice and inspire companies to elevate their marketing campaigns. Additionally, they reshared one of their most popular blogs, “Cannabis Puns to Grow Your Marketing Game,” offering creative ideas for incorporating humor into marketing efforts.

For their clients, they implemented these strategies with great success. The Cannabist Company, for example, rolled out a series of promotions, giveaways, and in-store pop-up events across its 15 markets. Durée & Company pitched these initiatives to the media, resulting in coverage from outlets like Westword and Miami New Times, achieving over 2 million media impressions.


Mainstream Media and Thought Leadership

This year, Durée & Company observed a significant shift as 4/20 gained mainstream attention. They secured thought leadership for one of their clients in an online article on Kourtney Kardashian’s national lifestyle blog, POOSH. The piece, “Does Weed Actually Help With Cramps,” went live just in time for 4/20, broadening the reach and impact of their client’s message.


Industry Engagement at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

The week of 4/20 was also marked by Durée & Company’s participation in the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference. As trusted media partners, they leveraged their extensive network to maximize exposure for the event. Their team engaged in impactful meetings, media interviews, and onsite podcasts, creating a buzz that extended beyond the conference itself.

Their CEO and Founder, Durée Ross, contributed her expertise to a panel discussing the future of adult-use cannabis in Florida. Alongside industry leaders like Brady Cobb, CEO of Sunburn Cannabis, and Cory Azzalino, CEO of Eaze, Durée shared insights on the industry’s trajectory and the critical ballot initiatives that lie ahead.


Looking Ahead

Overall, 4/20 was a resounding success for Durée & Company and their clients. The holiday continues to grow in significance, offering unparalleled opportunities for cannabis brands to connect with their audiences and achieve their marketing goals. As these achievements are celebrated, they are already looking forward to next year’s 4/20 and the new heights they’ll reach together.

For more information about Durée & Company’s cannabis practice and how they can help your brand navigate the dynamic landscape of cannabis marketing, visit or


Join the Conversation

CMA encourages all members to share their 4/20 experiences and strategies — send an email to [email protected] highlighting your 4/20 efforts this spring and we’ll be happy to share them with the CMA community. Your contributions inspire and elevate the community, showcasing the innovative spirit that drives it forward. Let’s continue to celebrate and learn from each other as we advance the cannabis marketing industry together.




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