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Spotlight on The TOKE Agency: Jessica Sheils Shares Insights Into Cannabis Marketing

by | Apr 23, 2024 | Blog

Spotlight on The TOKE Agency: Jessica Sheils Shares Insights Into Cannabis Marketing


Meet Jessica Sheils, a dynamic professional serving as the Marketing Manager at The TOKE Agency. With her expertise in loyalty programs and social media marketing, Jessica brings a unique perspective to the cannabis industry.


Embarking on the Cannabis Journey

What led Jessica to the cannabis industry? For her, it was the opportunity to collaborate with businesses and apply her knowledge of branding in an evolving market.


Specializing in Loyalty Programs & Social Media Marketing

Within cannabis marketing, Jessica specializes in loyalty programs and social media marketing. Her inspiration? The collaborative spirit and the ever-changing landscape of branding.


Setting The TOKE Agency Apart

How does Jessica distinguish her agency’s services? By leveraging sponsored newsletters and a keen focus on compliance. Staying informed about platform regulations ensures they deliver effective campaigns within legal boundaries.


Effective Marketing Strategies

Drawing from her experience, Jessica advocates for sponsored newsletters as one of the most effective marketing strategies. These targeted campaigns resonate with audiences while adhering to industry regulations.


Challenges in Cannabis Marketing

What challenges do cannabis marketers face today? Compliance ranks high on the list. Jessica addresses this by staying informed and adapting strategies to meet platform guidelines.


Success Stories & Case Studies

While Jessica couldn’t share specific case studies, she highlights the importance of tools like AlpineIQ and Springbig in achieving success for her clients.


Advice for Businesses in the Cannabis Space

For businesses eyeing the cannabis market, Jessica advises a focus on research and compliance. Understanding regulations and consumer preferences is key to building a successful presence.


Staying Informed & Ahead of Trends

How does Jessica stay ahead of the curve? Research, of course. Regularly keeping tabs on industry trends ensures her strategies remain relevant and effective.


Final Thoughts

As we wrap up our conversation with Jessica, one thing is clear: her passion for cannabis marketing shines through. To connect with Jessica and explore opportunities for collaboration with The TOKE Agency, reach out to her via email at [email protected].


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