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6 Innovations Driving the Future of Cannabis

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

6 Innovations Driving the Future of Cannabis

Article by, Crystal M. Wilson, on Cannabis Innovations.

Crystal has been closely studying the cannabis industry trends from quite some time. Intrigued by the booming growth of this sector, she takes interest in penning down her views providing quality insight on current marijuana trends, particularly medical cannabis.

The legalization of cannabis has made the once unregulated and illegal market the most lucrative sector. Cannabis is seeing massive growth, and avid users can find it in almost everything they use. Starting from lattes to skin cream, bath bombs, and weed wears, you can get the proven medical benefits of marijuana from your favorite products. Moreover, tremendous popularity has also paved the way for cannabis innovations for more sustainable, medically advanced, and user-friendly products and services. Let’s see a few crucial cannabis innovations that are driving the future of the industry.

1.   Cannabis Innovation in Data And Analytics

Many cannabis businesses use the seed to sale software to track their inventory from planting to selling actual products. During cultivation, the software detects and analyzes the produce. It can record and monitor weed-genetics, watering cycles, and other harvesting data. Additionally, it can manage product details and create invoices and purchase orders to comply with safe business practices. The software has an integrated online portal for an effortless shopping experience for clients. As a customer, you can now buy weed online without hassle from the same. It can set up automatic discount offers and have CRM tools to reward loyal customers. Moreover, it can create your user profile to track your purchase history, reward points, and other information to guide you with your next purchase.

2.   Cannabis Innovation in Clinical Use

The most notable property of cannabis is its potential to treat several diseases with minimum side-effects. As consumers are becoming more discerning, they are demanding strains that possess more curative qualities. Here comes the role of scientific and technological innovation relating to modern genomics. Gene editing helps scientists to change the DNA of delta 8 thc. Although cannabis is a particular type of plant, DNA sequencing can open the way to produce thousands of its variance. There are companies like Ebbu and Farmako that are manipulating the genes for producing bio-synthetic cannabinoids. For users, it might be just a few variations in CBD and THC levels. But for researchers, it’s the production of cannabis that contains other useful cannabinoids like CBG, TCHV,  and others having pharmaceutical importance. This innovation will make one plant a one-stop solution to every medicinal requirement.

3.   Cannabis Innovation in Biological Use

Cannabinoids are oil-based and therefore insoluble in water. That is why the bioavailability of most cannabis products is very low. Scientists found that bioengineering methods like nanoencapsulation can address this problem efficiently. They reduced the size of molecules to the extent that the body can easily absorb them. It means taking only 10 percent of nano encapsulated cannabinoid isolate can provide the same benefit as a full-spectrum oil. Besides, nanoparticles allow the product to blend smoothly with water. These particles directly reach the target area without being damaged by acids in the stomach or other external factors. Consumers can get the benefit of smaller doses that will also save extra bucks in the long run.

4.   Cannabis Innovation in Consumer Products

Millions of users rely on medical cannabis for many chronic ailments, including pain management. Although there are a handful of delivery methods, each has its limitations. After continuous research, a new innovative product, THC-moon picks, hit the market. These are toothpicks that are created by eliminating moisture from them and infusing the pores with cannabis. They also contain other herbs that encourage saliva secretion. Using these toothpicks will let sublingual transfer 60 percent faster than other methods and provide instant relief to the users.

5.   Cannabis Innovation in Agriculture

The leniency in legal processes has made way for many agricultural innovations. People have started growing marijuana in their home in limited areas. Initially, the home growers were concerned about the required light for growing the crop. Using grow lights like CFL, HID, and LED made this process simple. Additionally, growers can connect these lights with cloud-based technology for operating it remotely and control the lighting stages as per the crop growth. However, these lights can be expensive in the long run. Latest innovations include a quantum-dot film that converts sunlight into red-orange spectrum light. These tine semiconductors will encourage plants to grow tall and promote flowering. You can attach these quantum dots to the greenhouse for converting the sunlight into the desired spectrum. As a user, you will find this product cheap, and it can help produce a 10 percent higher cannabis yield.

6.   Cannabis Innovation in Payment Process

As the cannabis market is getting more regulated, there is an emergence of a cashless payment solution. These platforms let customers pay with their phones. This payment method will provide security and convenience to the customers as they need not carry the cash or withdraw money from the ATM. Moreover, Application Programming Interface software will allow companies to embed digital payment in their system. It will ensure customers get a safer and simpler way to transact. Cashless payments are also advisable as it complies with the banking policies and provides transparency in transactions.

Lastly, the cannabis industry is still nascent. There are ample opportunities to develop several new technologies. Furthermore, technological advancement and extensive research have the potential to take this industry to new heights. In the coming years, innovations will help see a cannabis-era that will influence the healthcare sector, touching the lives of millions around the globe.

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