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How Cannabis Advertising Can Benefit from the Principles of Programmatic Media Buying

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

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CMA Webinar Briefing:

How Cannabis Advertising Can Benefit from the Principles of Programmatic Media Buying

This summer, Meredith Hentschel and Vik Kandeth of StackAdapt spoke to CMA members about programmatic advertising. StackAdapt helps brands, including cannabis companies, utilize programmatic advertising to target the right audience. Hentschel is StackAdapt’s Solution Manager and Kandeth is a Sales Director.

Current Cannabis Landscape

The first topic discussed is the current cannabis landscape. With different restrictions for cannabis advertising by state and country, advertising restrictions are fragmented and constantly changing. Sometimes there is no black and white answer to what can and cannot be done in cannabis advertising, but programmatic can help cannabis brands succeed.

With the onset of COVID-19, the cannabis industry has seen a change in it’s customer base. The webinar includes beneficial charts to present this data. Since March, the way consumers consume media and buy products has changed. Although e-commerce is already popular, COVID-19 made it necessary. Businesses in the industry have to focus their sales more online. The brands that were able to do this successfully often saw no change or an increase in sales.

Why Cannabis Programmatic Advertising?

Hentschel and Kandeth then tell the audience why marketers should utilize programmatic. The way people buy and the cannabis industry is constantly changing. Programmatic is a concrete framework that is unchanging. The key goals to programmatic are to reach the right people, in the right place, with the right message, at the right time.

The programmatic system navigates through the complexity of the supply chain well. Programmatic is able to make advertising specifically for your brand. It creates data options for the cannabis marketer, like telling you where users spend time on the internet.

Leveraging Programmatic as a Cannabis Marketer

Finally, the two speakers explain how to leverage programmatic as a cannabis marketer. They give examples of what type of audiences are typical in cannabis marketing. They also explain how to best target them. There is usually a core audience and a more audience. The core audience for cannabis brands is the costumers that are educated on cannabis and want to buy the product. The more audience is the consumers who have an interest in cannabis but are not yet frequent users. These consumers need to be marketed to differently to get the best results.

The StackAdapt team tells CMA members the best way to target these specific audiences and gives examples. Find these examples in the full webinar by becoming a CMA member.

The webinar wraps up with a question and answer session. Meredith Hentschel and Vik Kandeth gave answers about how StackAdapt helps their cannabis clients. They also talk about key performance indicators, and where to get data for campaigns.

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