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Member Spotlight: Teri Bauer

by | Feb 1, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

CMA Member Spotlight: Teri Bauer,

Sr. Marketing Manager, Dockside Cannabis


Member Teri Bauer, Sr. Marketing Manager at Dockside Cannabis, provides insight into her role and her choice to become a member of Cannabis Marketing Association.


What is the nature of your day-to-day job?

I lead the marketing team’s strategy at Dockside Cannabis. We are a four-store retailer with locations in Shoreline, Ballard, Green Lake and SODO. Our mission is to provide an elevated cannabis retail experience while honoring the plant’s contribution to community connection, physical health, and mental well-being.


What brought you to the cannabis industry?

After years of working in global ad agencies, freelancing and co-owning a marketing and media placement firm where I worked across all kinds of industries from travel, outdoor apparel, fast-food, healthcare, reproductive rights/advocacy, the idea of putting the experience I gained into the newly emerging world of cannabis was very appealing. I got lucky joining Dockside as their Marketing Manager after they shifted from a medical co-op to recreational retailer with medical endorsement. I hit the jackpot. My mom had recently passed away from pancreatic and liver cancer and cannabis brought her a great deal of pain relief and I knew I wanted to be involved with Dockside because of their medical roots. Dockside is also a safe space, and the ownership and employees are diverse. They make ethical choices when striving for profitability.


What do you bring to the cannabis marketing community?

Years of marketing and paid media experience across different industries and great respect for the cannabis plant.


What do you want your peers to know about you?

I’m a great collaborator and I’m very passionate about elevating our industry’s practices and others’ perception about cannabis.


Tell us a bit about your personal relationship with cannabis. How do you use it?

Since my youth, I’ve been partial to smoking. I love it. A pipe or a bubbler. Nothing fancy. But, I also like other forms of consumption and the innovation in our business never ceases to amaze me. I get asked what my favorite strain is, and I usually answer “my favorite chemovar is whatever my friends are growing.” And it just really depends on the activity I’m about to get into and what my mood already is.


How has your job changed since cannabis was deemed essential? What does cannabis being deemed essential mean to you?

This is tough to answer because it changes every single day. I have a ton of gratitude for many reasons that cannabis was deemed essential at the start of the pandemic and has remained so. And that I live in a state where cannabis is legal. There are still many people behind bars, and I never lose sight of that.


Why did you join CMA?

To network. To learn. To share and collaborate.


What is your favorite part of being a CMA member?

Lurking. Ha! I like to see what folks are talking about.


CMA’s mission is to bring a positive perception to, and authentic understanding of, cannabis and its consumers around the world. How are you working to bring a positive perception to cannabis and its consumers?

By honoring the plant. It’s that simple. It deserves to be treated with respect.


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