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Party Like a Marketer Podcast: Episode 4 with Evan Nison – Using PR to Impact Cannabis Advocacy

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Using Public Relations to Impact Cannabis Advocacy

Party Like a Marketer Podcast: Episode 4 with Evan Nison

By: Victoria Gonzalez

CMA’s podcast, Party Like a Marketer, features guest Evan Nison in Episode 4: Using Public Relations to Impact Cannabis Advocacy. This episode’s conversation is centered around how PR can positively impact advocacy efforts. Furthermore, throughout the conversation, Nison provided thoughtful insight into his expertise and experience in the industry. 

Who is Evan Nison?

Evan is the Founder and President of NisonCo, whose mission is to build relationships with media members to advance inclusive and sustainable policies within the industry. NisonCo connects leaders in the legal cannabis, medical marijuana, and hemp industries with influential journalists across the U.S. and world.

Moreover, Nison started his career as a volunteer advocate, lobbying for medical marijuana and legalization. In 2010, Evan took a semester off and moved to California to run the college outreach for cannabis legalization ballot initiative, Prop 19. This initiative spanned over 40 schools statewide. Additionally, Evan was President of Ithaca Students for Sensible Drug Policy for four years. Correspondingly, under his leadership and direction, (SSDP) was able to pass one of the first college policies in the country that equalized penalties for cannabis and alcohol on campus.

Today, Evan is the youngest member of the NORML Board of Directors and continues to sit on the Board of Directors of Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

One Happy Accident

Through the podcast, Evan revealed that one happy accident led to another, and as a result, NisonCo started. “Initially, I got hired to lobby for a bill that I was supporting for free… during that campaign; I wound up sending them a lot of reporters, which led to my PR firm,” said Evan.

NisonCo initially began doing media outreach exclusively, and most of NisonCo’s employees either come from a background of advocacy or communications. Building relationships took time, said Evan, but one client referral led to another, and so on.

Fast forward to the current day, NisonCo provides a full-service Public Relations engagement to customers worldwide. 

The #1 Mistake PR Professionals Make

Evan Nison revealed that the top mistake he witnessed is individuals treating reporters as part of their marketing staff. “That is not their job,” said Evan, “they’re reporters, and they will take their job of reporting and telling a story as they see it pretty seriously.”

Most people are happy and more than willing to do mutually beneficial things. We must not think about it as a one-way road but rather as a partnership. This will ensure the best possible outcome for both parties and provide an open opportunity to continue working collaboratively in the future. 

Want to Hear the Full Conversation?

Additionally, check out the full Party Like a Marketer Podcast! Episode 4 – Using PR to Impact Cannabis Advocacy to get a first-hand look at the conversation and topics discussed! 


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