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Where Financing Meets Marketing: Equity Crowdfunding With Republic

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

A CMA Webinar Brief

By: Victoria Gonzalez

Recently, Heather Buffo, Venture Growth and Partnership Lead at Republic, gave a CMA webinar on Equity Crowdfunding, where financing meets marketing. Republic offers a cannabis-friendly way to fundraise and market start-ups. 

Moreover, Republic is a private investment platform that provides global opportunities for investors around the world. Additionally, they strive to increase their understanding of different industries to create new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is the online offering of private companies to a group of people for investments, making it a part of capital markets. Furthermore, under Title III of the JOBS Act, “equity crowdfunding” lets retail investors invest as little as $10 in private companies. Heather explained that through regulation crowdfunding (Reg. CF), all investors have access to vetted startups regardless of status.

Why Republic Crowdfunding?

Republic is committed to providing investors with high-quality opportunities while simultaneously making sure that these startups are successful. In addition, Heather explained that less than 3 percent of those who apply to Republic end up launching a campaign.

In the webinar, Heather highlighted the benefits and opportunities Republic provides. Furthermore, as explained in the webinar, crowdfunding requires a lot of communication and engagement; Republic helps facilitate this. While raising millions of dollars in funding, companies that utilized Republic doubled their user bases, gained exposure, and connected with large investors.

The Intersection of Finance and Marketing

Republic offers companies and start-ups a way to raise capital while simultaneously offering access to multiple marketing channels. This is where financing meets marketing. For instance, Republic offers digital marketing, public relations, press exposure, and so on to its partners in addition to a private investment platform.

This provides companies with additional marketing support that allows for a greater narrative to be shared about your company to prospective investors and consumers. Moreover, this intersection provides a greater opportunity to gain exposure while concurrently providing a narrative about your company. Likewise, because Republic is an equity crowdfunding site, perks and rewards can be offered in addition to an equity investment.

This is essential for businesses to engage with potential customers because it takes a lot of communication and engagement to draw people in, explained Heather.

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Finally, the webinar ended with a live Q&A session that touched on the importance of financing and marketing. 

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