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Speaker Spotlight: Christine De La Rosa

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Event News | 0 comments

The Future of Cannabis Marketing Event Speaker Spotlight: Christine De La Rosa


On January 18, 2022, the Cannabis Marketing Association is hosting the Future of Cannabis Marketing event. This forward-thinking, half-day virtual Ted-style event will discuss the cannabis future we want cannabis marcom leaders need to do to shape this future.

Christine De La Rosa will be the second speaker of the day. Learn about her background and what she will be talking about:

What topic will you be speaking about at the future of cannabis marketing event?

Marketing to the Global majority is a multi-billion dollar proposition. The multi-national and multi-lingual consumer base has been largely ignored as companies and brands have chased US domination. But there is a way to work smarter, not harder, to create and realize the revenue potential of countries outside of the US.

Why is what you are discussing at the event interesting and important?

Never in the history of marketing, in general, and in the cannabis space specifically, has it been more critical to market to the global majority. We leave trillions of dollars on the table when we ignore untapped markets.

What is your background in the cannabis marketing industry?

Currently, I’m the CEO and National Co-Founder of The People’s Ecosystem, Chairwoman of the Board for The People’s Holdings, Founder of CBxShield, a citrus-derived CBD brand, and a Managing Member of The People’s Group LLC., a fund focusing on investing in underrepresented BIPOC and women-led businesses. I have advised local, state, and federal governments across the U.S. on social equity in cannabis, as well as written position papers for New York, California, and Arizona with recommendations on their legalization and implementation of cannabis regulation. Additionally, I participate in the following advisory boards: Regennabis, Cannabis Doing Good, and Medicus LP, and serve as part of the New York Cannabis Industry Association Special Advisor Group – Social and Economic Equity and Social Justice.
A few of my other achievements include being named one of the 35 Most Influential Women in Cannabis in 2020 and, more recently in 2021, one of the 10 Women to Watch: Industry Luminaries and Rising Stars, as well as being appointed lead author of Gender Parity in the C-Suite and Chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association.

What do you bring to the cannabis marketing industry that sets you apart?

As a Latina woman whose company is majority helmed by people of color and women, we are those untapped markets, and we see the need and the solution.

Why do you think the future of cannabis marketing is important and why should people be educated about it?

I believe the future of cannabis marketing is essential because we must constantly combat close to a century of false propaganda about the plant. As an industry we must do it right and with an inclusive lens or we risk providing access to the most people. Marketing has a huge responsibility to make sure everyone has access.


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