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Lilli Keinaenen Speaker Spotlight

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Event News | 0 comments

The Future of Cannabis Marketing Event Speaker Spotlight: Lilli Keinaenen

On January 19 of 2021, the Cannabis Marketing Association will be hosting the inaugural Future of Cannabis Marketing. This forward-thinking, half-day virtual Ted-style event will hear from five cannabis visionaries and you’ll learn what cannabis marcom leaders need to do to shape this future.

Lilli Keinaenen will be one of the five speakers for this event. Learn about her background and what she will be discussing:

What topic will you be speaking about at the future of cannabis marketing event?

The Future is Circular – going carbon neutral with cannabis packaging.

Why is what you are discussing at the event interesting and important?

What is the one existential threat to our very existence? The climate crisis. Does it feel completely overwhelming and impossible to do something about it? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference – we can create the world we want to live in, and a new kind of industry.

Sustainably marketed consumer products are the fastest-growing market segment – so when commerce and ideals coincide, that’s where the magic happens. The cannabis and hemp industries are the new billion-dollar industry – we have the power to make a difference in how consumer products are made, packaged, and marketed as a whole. And save the planet while we’re at it.

What is your background in the cannabis marketing industry?

Lilli Keinaenen has been designing beautiful things for close to 20 years. In 2016, she left the nonprofit world of environmental and social justice nonprofit design and went all-in with the burgeoning legal cannabis industry.

Changemaker Creative helps cannabis and hemp companies stand out with unique custom branding and packaging design – and attract a cult following of loyal customers. With a focus on sustainable packaging for conscious cannabis and hemp product brands, she’s deeply passionate about saving the planet through better design. Her other work outside cannabis includes multiple award-winning sustainable consumer products available at major retailers globally.

Her advocacy work includes running the cannabis legalization efforts both locally in her home town of Alameda, California, as well as globally, with the cannabis citizens initiative for decriminalization in her native home country of Finland. Speaker at the Cannabis Sustainability Symposium,, WITI women in tech Cannabis Business & Technology Symposium, and Cannabis Marketing Live – All Puff, No Fluff show.

Lilli is a classically trained designer with a Bachelor of Arts. She is also a self-professed reader of books, font hoarder, lover of salty licorice candy, and a total nerd.

What do you bring to the cannabis marketing industry that sets you apart?

My background in the environmental sector has equipped me with a yearning for understanding the complex world of sustainability and climate science. Designing consumer packaged goods in niche products (vegan, reusable, sustainable) for the mass market (Target, Whole Foods, eCommerce) has helped me understand how and why we buy products – and how to speak to a sustainably-minded modern consumer.

Why do you think the future of cannabis marketing is important and why should people be educated about it?

Understanding what the current growing consumer base wants and demands of the products they consume will set you up for growth as the market matures. Speaking the language of the current climate-conscious younger generation is key to staying relevant, and winning the market share you want.

Buy your ticket to hear Lilli Keinaenen speak at the Future of Cannabis Marketing event here! Keinaenen will also be included in the VIP only speakers roundtable- don’t miss it!

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