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Speaker Spotlight: Michael Brooks

by | Dec 21, 2020 | Event News | 0 comments

The Future of Cannabis Marketing Event Speaker Spotlight: Michael Brooks, Founder & Lead Strategist, Blue Dream Social

On January 19 of 2021, the Cannabis Marketing Association will be hosting the inaugural Future of Cannabis Marketing. This forward-thinking, half-day virtual Ted-style event will hear from five cannabis visionaries and you’ll learn what cannabis marcom leaders need to do to shape this future.

What topic will you be speaking about at the future of cannabis marketing event?

The Future of Cannabis Retail.

Why is what you are discussing at the event interesting and important?

The future of retail is being built for direct-to-consumer, multi-channel e-commerce. The cannabis industry is growing through a heavily regulated, vertically integrated, and outdated brick and mortar retail model. How will the industry transition towards the retail future as legalization continues to advance?

What is your background in the cannabis marketing industry?

In full disclosure, my entrance into cannabis marketing as a career is my COVID-19 pivot. While I have an extensive background in cannabis sales and operations, it wasn’t until the first months of our lockdown that I decided to transition into cannabis marketing, specifically digital content and social media engagement. After a few weeks of solitude and some intense soul searching, I asked myself, “What do you really enjoy doing?” “What are you really good at?” and “How can you make the world a better place?” I realized that due to my extensive experience facilitating cannabis sales, I’m unique and quite skilled in locating cannabis consumers and converting them into customers. This skillset, at its core, is marketing.

While doing online research about cannabis marketing, I found the Cannabis Marketing Association, attended the virtual Cannabis Marketing Summit, and confirmed my new career path. We launched Blue Dream Social a few weeks later.

Cannabis Background:

• 2003 – 2006 Prop. 215 Licensed California Cultivator: Placer County and Sonoma County

• 2006 – Raided by SLEDNET Drug Task Force in conjunction with DEA (4/10/2006)

• 2016 – Founded 7 Umbrellas. Developed “MJ Ally” mobile app and MMJ brand “Küsh ~ The Highest Standard”

• 2019 – Successful exit from Küsh brand

• 2019 – Started “the good kush company” and political action committee “Make Cannabis Legal Again”

• 2020 – Launched “Blue Dream Social” a cannabis niche marketing agency

What do you bring to the cannabis marketing industry that sets you apart?

Coming from the industry’s plant-touching side as both a legacy and legal owner/ operator gives me a completely different perspective and gained insight into the marketing and selling of a retail-ready cannabis product. Most of the professionals I meet within the cannabis sector come from another industry, but cannabis is an entirely different animal. I spent over a decade as a legacy operator across multiple states and another five years within California and Maine’s legal markets.

Why do you think the future of cannabis marketing is important and why should people be educated about it?

For numerous reasons, the cannabis industry has yet to fully utilize or really need the full power of marketing to achieve sales. But in the future, the ability to effectively add value for your audience will be the key differentiator in achieving success for cannabis brands.

Buy your ticket to hear Michael Brooks speak at the Future of Cannabis Marketing event here! Brooks will also be included in the VIP only speakers roundtable – don’t miss it!

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