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The Importance of Targeted Cannabis Messaging During Times of Crisis

by | Nov 26, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

The Importance of Targeted Messaging During Times of Crisis: A CMA Webinar Brief

By Vyla Carter

In May of 2020, cannabis marketing experts came together for a CMA webinar to discuss targeted cannabis messaging during times of crisis, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beth Adan, the Director of Marketing for NisonCo PR, moderated the webinar. Megan Cunningham, an account manager at NisonCo; Liz Whiting, the lead of Daily High Club’s marketing and creative team; and Andy Seeger, a manager for Brightfield Group joined in to discuss targeted cannabis marketing.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic has Impacted the Cannabis Industry

The pandemic has made this already fast-paced industry even more fast-paced, according to Seeger. “This health crisis has elongated into a financial crisis,” he said

Seeger presented the audience with data on how the Coronavirus has impacted the cannabis industry. The frequency of consumption has accelerated and heavy cannabis users are using even more.

Because of the pandemic, many customers are switching to online buying options. According to Seeger, 33% of CBD users plan to switch to eCommerce when purchasing and 31% of cannabis consumers will switch to delivery services or click-and-collect buying.

How to Message to Consumers During this Time

Seeger emphasizes that there is an opportunity to build deeper customer relationships with targeted cannabis messaging during this hard time. A way to do this is by finding out what type of advertisements your customers want. For example, 29% of cannabis consumers prefer ads that include coupons or samples- for more data on what cannabis consumers prefer, become a CMA member to get access to the full webinar and all data prsented.

For Whiting, the company she works for is already primarily focused on eCommerce. Because of this, she said that they focused on changing copy and messages when the COVID-19 pandemic started. This allowed for Daily High Club’s messaging to be more relevant to what is currently going on.

According to Whiting, a lot of customers have been impacted very differently by the pandemic, so make sure you are addressing these different peoples’ needs when utilizing targeted cannabis marketing.

Apart from addressing these separate groups, make sure to give the customers the facts about what you are selling and doing. Whiting said that her team published a COVID-19 FAQ on their website to do this.

Whiting also said that you must find a balance in your targeted cannabis messaging and bigger-reach messaging.

How to Succeed in the Current Cannabis Marketing Space

From the PR and customer perspective, Cunningham believes that the brands that are being transparent and compassionate to the consumers are nailing targeted cannabis messaging. She believes that you need to be straightforward and acknowledge what is currently going on.

Seeger also emphasized that simple education tools are important when driving people to your brand. He says be ready to have the conversation of why weed is important.

Learn More About Targeted Cannabis Messaging

The panel of cannabis industry experts went on to discuss how cannabis brands are standing out, why you should utilize SEO when targeting customers, using demographics and psychographics in targeted cannabis marketing, and more!

They then wrapped up the webinar with a live question and answer session. Topics included cannabis legalization and cannabis marketing tactics in California.

To learn more about targeted cannabis messaging, become a CMA member to watch the full webinar.

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