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Understanding Customers to Drive Sales

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Understanding Your Customers to Drive Sales: A CMA Webinar Brief

By Vyla Carter

When advertising and branding cannabis, customer lead generation is an important topic to understand. A panel of cannabis industry experts explained, in a CMA webinar, how to better drive cannabis sales by understanding your customers.

The panel included Jon Lowen, the Co-Founder of Surfside; Socrates Rosenfeld, CEO of Jane Technologies; and Ana Hory, the CEO of Chil.

The key learning objectives of this webinar are how to leverage data strategies to truly understand your current customers and how they interact with your company, how to own the customer shopping experience through software and technology, and how to activate customer data and personalize outreach through digital media channels.

The panel started off by discussing connecting online and offline data. Doing this will help brands understand their customers completely.

Obstacles to Cannabis Lead Generation

They then dove into the issues that come when trying to understand your customers in the cannabis industry.

The software landscape is great, but there are so many choices in this new industry. All these choices lead to a lack of system compatibility, which can then lead to data leakage. Another issue are walled gardens. These provide no transparency.

Hory went into the problems Chil faced when trying to better understand their customers and send them the right messages. She stated that Chil was not owning the customer relationship. Obstacles like limited data from Google Analytics and no customer data from retail sales are a few of the factors that made it hard to form a customer relationship, according to Hory.

How to Better Understand Your Cannabis Customers

To overcome Chil’s customer relationship obstacles, the company did several things. These included adding a buy tool on their website and launching a geotargeting campaign.

Rosenfeld then discussed how software can help customer lead generation. This included information on data ownership and its benefits.

The webinar continued by teaching the audience about the solution to understanding cannabis customers and how to drive more cannabis lead generation. This included topics like data transparency, enrichment and activation, personalized media and eCommerce, and measurement.

The speakers then ended the webinar with a question and answer session. Topics included product placement, out-of-home exposure, and recommendations for a cannabis brand just starting.

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