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Bootstrapped Cannabis Marketing 101

by | Aug 19, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Bootstrapped Cannabis Marketing 101: A Guide

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What do you do when you need cannabis marketing but have limited resources? How do you produce engaging content for Instagram on a $0 budget? Bootstrapped cannabis marketing is possible and effective.

And, how do we know if these methods are actually working? These are all common questions that may come up if you are in need of marketing, but don’t have a marketer on staff. In this 101 talk, we’ll discuss some creative solutions that are useful in everyday marketing, but especially when budget and resources are tight.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • How to best utilize what you’ve got
  • How to plan so you’re considering your future self
  • How to gather your arsenal

Speaker Bio:

Jess Cosca is a marketing strategist and event producer with a passion for branding and creative problem-solving. After 7 years of producing and promoting concerts and VIP packages in the music industry, Jess found her way to cannabis. She’s held roles at Meadow, Auntie Dolores + Treatibles, Kin Slips, and now Filigreen Distribution.

She serves as the Director of Marketing and Head of Compassion at Filigreen Distribution, a technology-driven distributor focused on logistics. She is also a member of the Marketing Advisory Board for Sweetleaf Collective, a donation-based charity organization focused on providing free medical cannabis to HIV+, terminally ill, and unhoused patients throughout the Bay Area.

Jess’ cannabis projects have been featured in Rolling Stone, Forbes, Leafly, San Francisco Chronicle, Bon Appetit, High Times, Herb, mg Magazine, and Philly Voice.

In her spare time, Jess loves to paint, rollerblade, sing, and hike with her pupperino Scout.

Jess enjoys teaching about bootstrapped cannabis marketing.

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