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Party Like a Marketer Podcast: Episode 8 with Mary Pryor – Establishing Core Values for Cannabis Brands

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Blog

Establishing Core Values for Cannabis Brands

Party Like a Marketer Podcast: Episode 8 with Mary Pryor

By: Victoria Gonzalez

Episode 8 of CMA’s podcast, Party Like a Marketer, features guest Mary Pryor, CMO of Tonic CBD and Co-Founder of CannaclusiveThis episode’s conversation centered around the core values for cannabis brands and their overall influence within the industry.

Who is Mary Pryor?

Mary Pryor is currently CMO of Tonic CBD, which develops, manufactures, and distributes high-quality CBD and botanical blends. Additionally, Pryor is Co-Founder of Cannaclusive. An online platform created to facilitate the fair representation of minority cannabis consumers.

Furthermore, Mary Pryor is a bi-coastal media expert with an impressive roster of employers and clients. She has worked for major brands across the music, media technology, and marketing industries. For instance, some of these brands include Sony Music Group, Viacom, and Rolling Stone.

Moreover, Mary is considered a trendsetting, innovative, passionate strategic problem solver amongst her colleagues. She is the first black female Chief Marketing Officer for a hemp company in the United States. Currently, Marry is the New York Chapter President of Minorities for Medical Marijuana. She similarly also sits on the board for Possible Plan, a Curacannabis social equity effort. Furthermore, Marry Pryor serves as both an advisor and judge for the Eaze Momentum accelerator. 

How Does Education Play into Marketing?

Mary Pryor explained that she always does her best to make sure that the education available to consumers is as inclusive and accessible as possible. During the conversation, Mary revealed that she aims to cover as many boundaries as possible. 

“The more that you can control the supply chain and be part of that conversation, the more that you can figure out and be crafty with the way that you market to the everyday human being,” said Marry. 

Moreover, Mary Pryor further explained that the best way to get customers to respond to your brand is by being visual and honest. Education needs and should be touchable to the everyday consumer. Making a product or a brand too stylized without proper education allows for possible consumers to feel out of touch or disconnected. This is where education plays into marketing, especially because the cannabis industry is very innovative. 

Want to Hear the Full Conversation?

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