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Session Spotlight: Building and Leading Creative Teams: Diversity and Compassion as a Gateway to Creativity

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Cannabis Marketing Summit
Session Spotlight

Building and Leading Creative Teams: Diversity and Compassion as a Gateway to Creativity

featuring Derek Espinoza and Nadeem Al-Hassan

From June 8 to June 10, 2021, Cannabis Marketing Association will host the second annual virtual Cannabis Marketing Summit. The Cannabis Marketing Summit is the premier online event for senior-level marketers responsible for the marketing budgets of licensed brands in the cannabis industry. The Summit will evaluate the current state of cannabis marketing and teach about the practical tools, tactics, and data that produce effective strategies and campaigns for cannabis brands across the country. Register today!

Building and Leading Creative Teams: Diversity and Compassion as a Gateway to Creativity with Derek Espinoza, Creative Director at Baked Bros, and Nadeem Al-Hassan, Co-Founder and CMO at Baked Bros will be featured at the Summit on June 8 from 1:30 – 2:30 pm MT. Learn more about their session below: This session is on the Members-Only track exclusive to Cannabis Marketing Association members. The below answers were written by Derek.

Why is what you are discussing at the event interesting and important?

Due to the chaotic and fast-paced nature of marketing, we often miss the forest for the trees. As marketers, we tend to focus heavily on strategy, branding, PR, media, etc., and rightfully so as these are central components, or rather the trees, of our profession. So what’s the forest? Our creative teams. Now, more than ever, we are facing unparalleled competition, social change, and economic fluctuations that produce a need for continual adaptation. An innovative marketing team is the key to keeping up with and succeeding in times of extreme change. The building and leading of a creative team is not only frequently overlooked but also poorly misunderstood.

What does this group bring to the cannabis marketing space that sets you apart?

Nadeem and I have been in the cannabis industry our entire adult lives. We have seen the transition from black market to full recreational legalization and everything in between. This perspective is unique because we grew up in cannabis culture and have helped build a cannabis company from the ground up that was rooted in this culture. Over the last 5 years, we have helped build a company from the ground up and have been involved in every process. Additionally, we have led several different teams within our organization and have learned many lessons along the way. We know the difference between how a functional team and a creative team operate and how to lead to get the most out of both. Lastly, we have studied leadership and workplace culture not only experientially but academically as well. Our knowledge base is predicated on the intuition of our experience and backed by the academic study of psychology, neuroscience, workplace satisfaction, and effective leadership/communication techniques.

Our mission is to bring a positive perception to cannabis and its consumers. What is your favorite consumption method and why? Tell us a little about your relationship with cannabis.

My relationship with cannabis has evolved over time. Currently, I use cannabis at the end of the evening to help relax my active mind and ease the tension I carry in my body. My typical routine is to vaporize indica flower, floss and brush my teeth, and stretch for about 15 min before either reading or watching a show with my wife.

The goal of the Summit is to evaluate the current state of cannabis marketing and learn about the practical tools, tactics, and data that produce effective strategies and campaigns for cannabis brands across the country. Why is this is important?

Cannabis culture has always been characterized as a culture of compassion and understanding. It’s more about collaboration than competition. It is important that we share and learn as cannabis marketers what is effective not only to better ourselves and our organization but our larger community that is the cannabis industry so we can all grow together. The stronger and more effective our community is, the better it will be at changing the way the world views cannabis.

What is the future of cannabis marketing? What are your predictions for the next year?

The future of cannabis marketing lies in storytelling. The brands who tell the most compelling story that cuts right to the heart of consumers will win over time. Consumers are now more than ever concerned with what is behind a brand and do their values connect. The best storytellers will be able to make that connection if it is truly genuine. 

Buy your ticket to hear marketing pros like the above speak at the Cannabis Marketing Summit, here! This session is a part of the Members-Only track of the Summit (3 sessions) and is exclusive to CMA Members. If you are interested in attending this session, you must be an active CMA Member. Learn more about CMA Membership here.

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